The Kunstkamer Utrecht exists 5 years. To celebrate this lustrum we organized 4 Basques evenings between Wednesday 29 May and Saturday 1 June 2013.

During these evenings we wanted to introduce you to the special Basque tradition of cider. In Basque country the cider is of a very high quality and very popular. In spring the Basques taste the new cider harvest in sheds and farms that are temporarily transformed into restaurants.

Joseans cider restaurantDonostia 168


And the whole of Basque country sits down at long tables and eat the same menu of tortilla de bacalao, chuletta and membrillo. And ofcourse there’s a lot of tasting the cider as well. Follow the link if you already want to get a feel of the evening.

Josean, the chef and cider maker, and his wife Salo were willing to come to the Netherlands and share this remarkable tradition with us.

 Joseans cider shedDonostia 087

May 2013

Finally the day has arrived. The names of all the guests were taken, the Basques had arrived with a bus filled with deliciousness and the tent was set up. Large, long tables for everyone to sit at. Suddenly there’s a small cideria in the Netherlands.

The cider this year was of an exceptional class. Thanks to the cold weather in 2012 the aples were smaller and sweeter than they usually get.

The evenings were a great success. Following Basque traditions the menu consisted of Tortilla de Bakalau, an egg-omelet with stock fish. The course after that consisted of Fillet de Bakalau y Pimentos, stock fish with paprika. In the Netherlands we’re not very familiar with stock fish but, when its properly prepared, is very soft and tender.

For the last course we had Chulettas, for which we had a separate grill made. Beautifully impaled meat that has been left to cool off for a month. The best meat you have ever tasted.chulettas