Recently the Kunstkamer has gotten an extra space, Kunstkamer Lounge.


Of course it comes with the same level of service so there will be a host present to welcome the guests, act as a helping hand and make sure the meeting runs smoothly. 

The Kunstkamer Lounge also has all the facilities like free Wi-Fi, free flip-over, plasma screen (52inch) and laptop. The guests can use the luxurious coffee machine (Jura) unlimited throughout the day and there are several high quality tea blends present. The water (flat and bubbly) and the candy will be regularly refilled and Heleen, the owner, bakes a delicious cake or pie before each meeting. We offer a lunch as well, you can choose between a regular and a luxurious arrangement.

Like you would suspect from the name there’s a comfortable lounge sofa so this space would be ideal for smaller groups and informal settings.

We’re very happy with it and think it makes a great addition to our Kunstkamer. See the pictures for a better view, or even better come see it for yourself!